Thursday, June 12, 2008

ice cream with sprinkles

It was just an ice cream kindof day today. The sun (as usual) was shining and it was toasty hot. I took the kids to the Little Dairy Manor ice cream stand. This place was a pretty popular weekend night hang-out when I was in high-school, especially after a home football game. The kids loved their ice cream cones. At first, I tried to keep everyone tidy, hovering around with napkins. Then I realized that in the land of nearly 100% humidity, that it would be a losing battle to continue to fight the drippy ice cream cones. So I let them just have at it.
Daniel was amazed at the colors in the sprinkles.
Megan tried really hard to stay clean.
Notice the big drippy mess on his hands and running down his arms. He was so happy.
As we were enjoying our ice cream, a brother and sister in their 60's came and sat down near us. She leaned over to me and said that one look at Daniel in all his messy glory was enough to give her some cheer to get through the rest of the day. Upon further discussion, it was revealed that the siblings had just lost their father the night before and were on their way to the cemetery to make arrangements for the service this weekend. I shared diaper wipes with them to help them clean up their own sticky messes while I listened to their wonderful childhood memories about their parents. We all concluded that time goes by so quickly. Which brings me to mention that I chose not to take the wonderful job that I was offered at the Public Health Department. It's just not the right time for me to work full-time right now. Perhaps in a few months I might think differently, but right now, the hours would be way too long for both me and my family. I'll never get this time back with the kids, so I will enjoy it now while I can.
Daniel was a big sticky mess and ended up riding home shirtless.

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The Griffins Party of 5 said...

Naomi says Megans ice cream looks so yummy! "Can we go there sometime too?"