Thursday, June 12, 2008

Feeding the ducks

We drop Joshua off at GOAL camp by around 7:45am. I had been putting cheap pull-ups on Daniel at night, but he's been wetting right through them. So this morning we went to Target for some heavier duty night time pull-ups. Then we grabbed a cheap loaf of bread and went to the park to feed the ducks.

We parked across the water near the white tented stage area. The kids walked all the way around looking for ducks. The fat duck with the orange head was getting ready to chase Daniel. Daniel is a little slow tearing and balling up his bread for the ducks.
We attracted quite a crowd!
Megan tried reasoning with the loud, rowdy bunch. She was trying to tell them to settle down, she doesn't have anymore bread.
Daniel held onto his last little bread for quite some time before finally letting it go to a large group of ducks.

After walking back around the park, we checked out the fountain.

The water was cool on our hands. It was a beautiful morning!

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