Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Monday's outings

Monday was a bit of a busy day. Joshua went to GOAL, and the little ones and I went to visit Grandpa at work. Megan and Daniel got to sit at Grandpa's desk. The checkout lady at the bookstore on the first floor gave each of the kids a sticker. Daniel insisted that his needed to go on his back.
Back on our side of town, we went to a free puppet show at the Seminole County Library West Branch.
The puppeteer was an interesting fellow. He was so great with the kids. With just a pause or a silly look, he could make the crowd of kids errupt with laughter! Megan sat on the floor with all the other kids. Daniel was content to sit on my lap. Part of me wishes he'd get involved with the other kids, but an even bigger part of me is glad to cuddle for just a little while longer before he decides he's too big for my lap.
Everyone got to give the puppet a high-five on the way out the door.
While at the library, I signed each of the kids up for the summer reading program.

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Lisa said...

Looks like great fun in grandads office! Wish mine were small enough to still sit on my lap, they just sort of hang on me now!!