Saturday, June 7, 2008

Bible Adventure Night

The big kids had a blast last night at the church's family activity. Daniel was slightly grumpy and needing some extra cuddles, so he stayed in my arms or on my lap the entire 2 hours. It was pretty warm in the youth center last night. Daniel was so hot, he was sweating down the front of my shirt. Poor guy passed out in his carseat before I drove out of the church parkinglot. The kids loved their snacks. Fruit and animal crackers are a definate crowd-pleaser here.
Songs, snacks, games and crafts. Seriously, what more fun can you ask for? Joshua is one crafty fellow and was enjoying making his picture frame.
I had to get a shot of his name tag, he worked so hard at perfecting it.

Joshua and Daniel together working on the scratch-off book marks. Daniel was not happy with the scratch-off bookmarks. When he would scratch off the black coating to reveal the rainbow part, the black coating would leave little speckles on his hand and the table and he thought they were bugs. Hopefully we'll get over this bug-phobia soon.
Joshua's completed picture frame. He did such a nice job.

Megan loves the scratch off craft. She was trying to scratch her name into it.
The evening ended with another adorable visit from the puppet King and Queen.
Overall, the kids had a really good time.

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Mrs. Darling said...

Those are cute frames. Looks like you all had a lot of fun!

Thank you for your love and prayers for my dad.