Saturday, March 23, 2013

Spring has Sprung!

Yay!  Spring is here, and our irises are starting to bloom out front.  Last year, we dug them out of the back yard and transplanted them into the front yard, so we've been curious to see if our transplant was successful.  

I must have brought my cake cutter/server to a potluck or something and lost it.  Or perhaps it's floating around the house here somewhere.  But wouldn't you know it, shortly before leaving for Megan's birthday last weekend, I realized I had nothing to cut her cake with. 
 Megan said, "You need a cake cutty-thingy like you used when you got married."
I replied with, "You're right.  And I'll bet I can find that exact one."
Sure enough, in a box we've held onto for many years, was our wedding cake set.  Really, what good is it to anyone in a box?  So, we removed the flowers and cleaned the set.  I just might have to serve cake more often to break out the wedding set again.

By the way, Megan claimed the flowers for herself, after she let me snap a quick picture. 

Olive, our pet that looks like she might really belong outside, is shedding her skin.  Which gives me the heebie-jeebies to look at her.  Keith puts her in a warm bath to help the process. 

One of Daniel's Christmas presents this year was a potato.  Yup, a potato.  See, Daniel had planted a baby potato in a container of dirt many months ago and wanted to grow it into a plant.  When I saw this Bonsai Potato kit (which actually just contains a stand for the potato, and some scissors), I thought he'd love it.  Sure, I know, most kids get iPods, my kid gets a potato.

But....he loves it.  This week he wanted me to take a picture of his potato so we could track how much it grows. 

Look!  A double rainbow over our house! 

We had a house guest this week.  Zoey is Daniel's classroom mascot.  Everyone takes turns bring Zoey to their house and writing 3 sentences about something Zoey did while visiting.  Daniel took Zoey to gymnastics Monday afternoon. 

Megan wearing one of her new birthday shirts.  Her friend Bradley bought this one for her. 

I asked the kids to clean up the play room this week.  Somehow that got translated into: leave the playroom a mess and create an assembly line to rebuild all of the Lego people. 

Should I be concerned that an imperial army is forming?

Here's Zoey, spending her last night with us helping Daniel get his homework done. 

Some 4th grade math. 

Daniel clowning around.  If he had it his way, we'd eat broccoli for dinner every night. 

More Lego people.  Captain Jack Sparrow. 

A picture Daniel drew in school this week.  His green eggs and ham, look suspiciously like green eggs and stripples, being eaten with a pitchfork. 

My sweet Lily-girl sat with me late every night this week while I finished out my 3rd semester of grad school.  I keep reminding myself that if it were easy, everyone would do it.  I'm now on Spring Break for 2 weeks and really just want to relax, read for fun, and clean the house. 

Daniel's drawing of his favorite animals. 

On Sunday, Megan went to a tea party with Grandma Holloway at one of the Disney resorts.....

Whew!  A busy week for everyone. 

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