Friday, March 8, 2013

A Little of This and That from November

 Every once in a while the stars align and Keith and I can go out on a "date" during the day.  But wait, you say, isn't he a SAHD?  Yes, but there's a lot of work that must be done and we can't just party all day every day.  However, when a new James Bond movie comes out, one must make exceptions. 

Not only did we go see Starfall - which was an excellent movie.  But we ate at Five Guys.  I had never been there before and it's a rare occasion that I'll eat a hamburger, but it was really good.  

Music is a daily thing at our house.  

Daddy and Daniel with a little dueling guitars in the kitchen. 

 Have I mentioned lately just how spoiled our dog is?  

Me: Daniel, does your outfit match?
Daniel: yes, the frog is on a green leaf, and the trees on my shorts have green leaves.
Me:  good enough for me.

Joshua's biography project.  He learned how the Wright Brothers learned about wind from flying kites. 

A chilly morning meant a trip to get hot chocolate and bagels. 

My sweet boy and his new bathrobe. 

We've been creating our own salad buffet for dinner some night with a mix of different salad toppings.  The kids have gotten into it, and it's a lot of fun. 

Megan, getting her chores done. 

The inside view of my window washer. 

He's one cool dude. 

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