Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Extra Curricular Activities Galore!

The kids are loving their gymnastics classes weekly at Brown's Gym. 

There's Daniel in the 3/4 pie shaped mat working on his handstand. 

Look!  He's up! 

Joshua was asked to join a music ensemble for Seminole County musicians.  There was a big concert showcasing music for 4th and 5th grade students.  He was the only 4th grader from his school that participated.  The concert was wonderful. 

Joshua had twice a week music practice leading up to the concert, and it was easier to just stay during the lesson time, so I spent quite a few nights reading in the library while his group practiced. 

There he is, making some music. 

I find one of the hardest things about working nightshift is mandatory education that is scheduled during the daytime hours.  I had my every-two-year recertification for NRP (neonatal resuscitation) getting ready to expire and so I squeezed a last minute class into my schedule.  Which really threw off my schedule. 

Daniel is doing so well in school.  He really enjoys reading and writing. 

The program from the Seminole County Music Festival. 

More gymnastics....

Joshua getting ready to hop down the long trampoline. 

I watch the kids from the parent room, which is up over the gym floor.  You can see a reflection of one of the chairs in the window.  There's Megan in her black leotard working on the balance beam. 

And there goes Daniel down the long trampoline with Coach John cheering him on. 

Megan's group getting limber, during which my daughter breaks out her yoga moves. 


The play structure inside the gym for open gym nights on Fridays. 

School project....

Megan did her water bottle biography on Rosa Parks.  Here she is planning out how she wants the project to look. 

And there is the finished product.  So cute!!

Eliana and Megan and their water bottle biographies. 

Artwork: Megan
Writing: Daniel

Looking up to make sure I'm watching!

Another view of their awesome gym. 

More Daniel schoolwork. 

This is what 4 people in the kitchen doing homework looks like..chaos!

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