Saturday, March 16, 2013

I Can't Wait for Spring Break!!

Above is a picture of the concert that Joshua played the recorder in earlier this month.  I just snagged it off of Keith's phone today. 

Megan received an exciting package in the mail this week.  It is Emily, her American Girl doll's BFF.  She was one happy little girl. 

As if the doll wasn't exciting enough, it came with one of the American Girl books that she's been really wanting to read. 

The weather has been very windy, so Keith took Joshua down to the park to fly his kite.  

I worked Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights, then went in Thursday morning for a 4 hour Nurse Practice Counsel [NPC]  meeting.  I was exhausted by the time Thursday night came, and I think I was in bed right after the kids were.  We had a St. Patrick's Day themed breakfast Thursday morning for NPC and raffled off a box of Lucky Charms (that had 2 tickets to Disney inside it!).  So fun!!

Friday, Megan brought home some great grades and earned enough Holloway money to purchase a stick.  We went out to Sweet Frogs for some frozen yogurt to kick off her birthday-weekend!

It was so yummy and so cute!

Both boys decided that they want to play football this coming season.  This week was registration week, and so that meant bringing in all of the required paperwork for Pop Warner, including copies of the kids' birth certificates.  The registration lady laughed about on kid being born in Cape Cod and the other being born in Alaska.  Sometimes I forget that we've lived in so many different areas. 

And this sweet girl had her birthday party today.  That's deserving of it's own post...soon. 

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