Sunday, March 10, 2013

Christmas Holiday pictures are all out of order, but I'll do my best here. 

A few days before Christmas, we decided to let the kids open their gifts from Grandma and Grandpa Ketchum.  Daniel's was a huge art easel and it has become something that everyone plays with.  Joshua's gift was a really cool model engine and Megan's was a big Lego Friends set.  They will also be getting a new basketball hoop to replace our broken one, we just wanted to wait until Keith's done working on that side of the yard, first. 

We hide the pickle ornament on Christmas Eve and whoever finds it Christmas morning, gets an extra present.  It really has been a source of humor for all of us to watch the craziness over looking for the pickle. 

This year, Daniel was the lucky winner. 

Pictionary on the easel. 

Christmas morning mess!

Megan showing off another set of Lego Friends and a new hat. 

Keith is pretty excited about his Tervis Tumbler. 

That's my boy, a book in each hand!  He's into joke books and got some knock knock jokes and some animal jokes. 

A Mythbusters shirt.  And I think he's probably worn it to school twice a week since Christmas! 

Awe, look, an ornament for me!!

After opening presents we went over to Keith's parents house for lunch. 

Proud with his pickle!

The pickle gift this year was a decorate-your-own soccer ball.  

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