Sunday, March 10, 2013

December Performances

Last year, Keith had mentioned to his parents that instead of Christmas presents, he'd like to get out and do something for Christmas.  He also said that the kids had not seen Cirque du Soleil and that he thought they'd like the performance.  

So this year we were given the opportunity to go to the Cirque.  

We arrived an hour and a half before showtime and walked around Downtown Disney. 

Grandma and Daniel

Megan decided that she wanted to go see where the hot air balloon came down at, since we kept seeing it ascend and descend. 

We found it!  I guess you can get in the large basked and see a birds' eye view of Disney property.  Not something I see any of my crew actually enjoying, as like their parents, they tend to like both feet on the ground. 

The sweet boys together.  

Megan and Grandpa 

The Big Top for the show.  
The kids really loved it and I'm so glad they were able to see it.  We recommend it to all of our friends that come to Florida to visit, as it really is spectacular. 

Our other big show of the month was Joshua's school play.  It was a 12 Days of Christmas themed musical, and he played the role of a Lord of Leaping. Perfect for him!!

Our wonderful principle. 

Joshua sitting with the other 9 of the Lords of Leaping. 

Up on stage doing his thing. 

And later on that night, I found that someone left me a note on the white board on the frig.  This is the area that we write things like "heading out, fed the dog, be back by 5pm".  However, Megan decided she needed to make me a grocery list and that she wanted some mac and cheese.  

Oh yeah, did I mention we have a snake?  Really, I think we have hit our limit of pets. 

The beautiful artwork on the Lords of Leaping program. 

She stayed home from school sick one day in December, and I took her outback to sit for a bit for some Vitamin D and  peanut butter/jelly sandwich.  

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