Saturday, March 9, 2013

Reindeer Run

Megan was excited about her run and wanted to wear her shirt to school.  Unfortunately, the only long sleeve race shirts were in adult sizes, so I ended up having to snip the seams in the adult shirt and re-sew it back together in a much smaller size.  

Daniel spontaneously made his teacher a present to bring to school this particular day.  He loves Miss Parker.

Off to the races....

We had to wake up really early to get to Sea World before the race.  

The rule for Megan was that she could be in front of me, but if she heard me yell her name, she had to stop and wait for me.  We talked about this beforehand, because with running just over 3 miles together, there might not be enough space to run side by side.  It worked out well, and we ran nearly the whole thing, only stopping to walk on the wooden walkways. 

In the beautiful stadium, stopping for a quick rest. 

Near the finish line, she was hoping to get a big fluffy whale to take home. 


After our 3 miles, she wanted to stay and run the kids' races. 

There she goes! 

A ribbon and a whale necklace.  And the kid runners got a small short sleeve shirt...

which Megan gave to her little brother.  So sweet.  We grabbed bagels for everyone on the way home and got home in time to see our neighborhood's annual Christmas parade. 

And poor Lilly, she had a bump on her back and was vomiting on Friday afternoon, so Keith got her into see our vet.  Our vet did surgery that night to remove a large mass, and Lilly had to spend the night to recover.  Of course, everyone needs an urgent surgical bill a few weeks before Christmas. Ugh!

Those steel sutures were a pain.  They would itch her and she'd come up next to you when you least expect it and turn around to scratch her back on you.  Ouch!!

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