Saturday, March 9, 2013

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

I came home from work one December morning to find that Keith has been wearing my sleep mask.  So, naturally, I sicked the ferocious attack-dog on him.  Clearly, we have to do more training on what attack actually means.

Remember Megan getting her chores done by squeegeeing the windows?  Don't they look fabulous?  We waited until she was in bed before we re-cleaned the windows. 

Keith outside working on a system to get the Christmas lights to stay up.  

Keith got new lights for the front of the house when he picked up the lights for the roof. 

The trees in front of our house obscure the view just a little bit, but I think he did an excellent job.  I loved the glow of the lights and wish we could keep them up all year long.  We are considering building a pergola and adding LED lights to it sometime this summer. 

Daniel (and Keith) love Mo Willems books.  I couldn't resist ordering this one for Daniel when I ordered my textbooks for the fall.  I held onto it and wrapped it up for Christmas.  Daniel loved it!!

Tough girl Megan playing catch with her brother. 

Joshua thinks he might try out for football this fall.  

How cute is he with no front teeth?

It's not December around here if we don't have some sort of Lego Advent Calendar by the front door.  This keeps everyone occupied (distracted) while we are corralling our herd to get out the door. 

Each day a different box gets opened to reveal one more piece of the play set.  So fun!

Megan loves to look at the size of her foot from her first Christmas.  I am so appreciative of the caring person who made this from the Child Development Center in Kodiak, Alaska.  That small afternoon craft has given us such a sweet moment in time.

Our tree.  To us, it's perfect, and has so many great memories.  Every year, we consider getting a new one because it's such a pain to store an artificial tree for 11 months out of the year.  And every year, we get all sentimental and say we'll hang onto it for another year. 

Guess who doesn't like when the temperature is below 70 degrees?  Girl's gotta have style when she's cold. 

These two crack me up.  See how close Joshua has to get to Megan because she's not that far of a thrower. I appreciate how gentle he is with her. 

Keith's parents gave us this ornament back when we bought out first house in Alaska.  A few months ago I ran across something really cool that I'm working on to commemorate our Florida house. 

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