Monday, April 25, 2011

Wrapping up the School Year

The school year is almost over for Keith and the kids. Keith is actually off at school right now taking one of his final exams. The kids have enjoyed school this year. They like seeing all of their friends, and for the most part, we like their teachers. Some samples of school work from this year....
Joshua's illustration of Do Not Steal. It is a bank robbery in process.

Part of Megan's Thanksgiving book...what she is thankful for at mealtime. Notice the two pieces of pumpkin pie on her plate!

Megan's illustration of her family, complete with the dog!

Aww...more pictures of the family from Megan.

The book below is written and illustrated by Megan. What a great way to see what is flowing through her mind.

Below are some of Joshua's stories from the writing center in his classroom, mixed with some other classwork.

I don't understand this new "castle math", but Joshua sure does! If things have changed this much in just the 2nd grade, I'm in big trouble when they hit the teen years.

A lovely coloring job by Megan.

More writing by Joshua....

And we can't forget about Daniel. Daniel's teacher is amazing and understands that children his age shouldn't be at a desk any more than necessary, and so most of his learning is through experience, and so he doesn't have a lot of worksheets to share.
Daniel's sweet first day of school!

For each letter of the alphabet, Daniel came home with a paper plate craft representing that letter. It was very clever. (That's a frog.)

More writing by Joshua...

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