Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hot Fun in the Summer Time - 2010

Yikes, I can't believe the amount of pictures I still have to catch up on!

As we prepare for the coming summer months, Keith, the kids and I have been reflecting on last summer. We did quite a few things we enjoyed, and we did some things we didn't enjoy.
I worked way to much last summer! We kept saying that we were going to take a long weekend and go to the Brevard Zoo or maybe the Tampa Aquarium or see the mermaids at Weekie Watchie Springs. Unfortunately, we just never found the time to escape for a long weekend. This summer, we are hoping to do at least one small weekend trip.
Last summer, we taught the dog how to drive. No, just kidding...we were able to take Lilly with us just about every where we went. This summer, I'd like to check out some of the local dog parks.
One of our favorite activities - summertime and all the time, is reading the Sunday Paper. The kids fight over the funny pages and the Toys R Us ads. Joshua is starting to show an interest in some of the other sections of the paper.
Usually this Sunday morning reading of the paper is done out by the pool. I'm not sure where we were going when Daniel was reading his paper in the truck. I feel bad for our neighbors if they are night owls on Saturday nights, because we are in the pool by around 9:30am on Sunday, although we try to be quiet!
We did a lot of snuggling, and started a weekly movie night, complete with popcorn and special movie-night dinners.
Going to the park is always a huge hit with these guys! In these park pictures, we met up with Grandma and Grandpa for a lunch picnic at San Sebastian Park.

Grandpa showing Keith some pictures on the phone. Grandpa always has the fun toys!
Grandma getting a work-out in pushing the kids on the swings.
My monkey on the monkey bars! We found quite a few fun parks last summer, we hope to visit them more this summer.

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