Sunday, April 17, 2011

Our Newest Addition

Last summer, Keith made a run to the pet store for supplies for the cat and lizard. While he was there, a local shelter had animals for adoption. He came home and told me all about Lilly and insisted that I just "go look". Uh huh, sure...just look...riiiiight. Needless to say, I was won over by her big brown eyes (she fits right in with most of the family there!). Megan was in love with her because Lilly had a pink blanket in her kennel. Daniel was a little hesitant to pet her because she has ten "spikes" on her belly - which after watching Charlotte's Web again, he understands the "spikes". Joshua was pretty excited to bring home a dog that he could teach tricks to.

The adoption lady busted our bubble when she was extremely hesitant to allow us to adopt Lilly, telling us the dog wouldn't be good around kids, etc, etc. We understood her reasons and in the end agreed that if we could adopt Lilly if we attended Dog School at the pet store. After spending a small fortune on dog items and the adoption fee itself, our family grew by 4 feet.

We love Lilly, and Meow-Meow hasn't really expressed an opinion either way.
They seem to tolerate each other's existence, and like to share the sunny spots on the kitchen floor.

My two favorite snugglers. Lilly will get mad at me in the evening if I am milling around the house doing stuff and not sitting on the couch chilling out with her. I thought being a dog owner would encourage me to exercise more. Apparently, my dog has a bit of couch-potato in her!

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