Friday, April 29, 2011

Girls Day Out at the Mall

Megan's struggling a little bit with the difficulties of being in the first grade. She has a wonderful teacher and has been trying very hard, but things just aren't lining up for her as well as they could be. Fortunately, the transition to public school next year will bring with it the opportunity for some extra help for her. The first grade kids have do to 25 book reports through-out the year. She struggled with this all year long and finally completed the last book reports this week. To celebrate, I promised her we would go out together today.

I picked the kids up from school and went back to the house to leave the boys with Daddy and have Megan change clothes. Then we were off to the mall for a snack and to spend her Build-A-Bear gift card.
We enjoyed mini-blizzards in the middle of the mall near the fountain. Then as we were walking, I noticed Megan's shorts had a small tear in the back. We stopped into Gymboree and picked up a pair of shorts for a quick wardrobe change.

Back by the fountain for a couple of penny tosses.

Finally, what she's been waiting for.
We pretty much had the whole store to ourselves, and Megan took her sweet time trying to decide which animal to build. She decide on one of the new rainbow bears and it is so cute! She gave it a heart and a sound and stuffed it. And then gave it a bath.

She bought the bear a beautiful rainbow colored dress with wings, and a bear-care kit that contained brushes and a mini-hairdryer that actually works. She also got her bear a build-a-bear (toy) ipod.

The bear is called "Rainbow" and is as girly as can be. Except for the sound embedded inside the paw... Megan chose the Star Wars Theme as her sound chip for inside her bear.

We had a good time, and were home in time to make dinner. Megan went to her room to introduce her bear to her other animals, and so Daniel came out to help me make dinner.

In the time it took him to clean one ear of corn, I had all the others finished! But he worked so hard getting every last little silk off of the corn.

Joshua giving a thumbs-up for a good meal.

Megan enjoying her corn on the cob.
The kids had a blast buttering their corn with the corn butter-er. Seriously, this little thing created tons of entertainment.

Megan sneaking in for more cookies. I work all weekend and so had to get the grocery shopping done today. When I put the bananas on the fruit stand, I noticed the ones sitting there were looking rather sad. Daniel and I made them into Banana Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies, and they are delicious!

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