Saturday, April 16, 2011

Magic Kingdom Trip December 2010 post #2

As you can see, my kids getting older means the un-interrupted computer time for me is few and far between! Without further from the Most Magical Place on Earth...
A post-hair cut picture (didn't I promise I would be all out of order!). Megan and I were taking a peek at the nighttime colors of the castle, just before getting ready to head home for the night.
We so very much enjoyed the hair-cut experience!

Riding the train was another big hit. We picked up the train somewhere between Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain and rode to the front of the park to exit. The kids enjoyed watching the flume of Splash Mountain. It was just a little too chilly for us to do that ride this time around and after the minor "dip" of Pirates of the Carri bean, I wasn't sure how many tears this ride would evoke.
We saw Woody and Jesse out for a stroll. The line was crazy-long to get a picture with them, so I snapped on in passing.
We ran into Goofy just outside of Pirates. Goofy is one of my favorite characters!
The Jungle Cruise is a must-ride for anyone. Seriously, the cheesy shtick from the cruise director left my sides hurting.
We journeyed through the Swiss Family Robinson tree house. There was not a lot of people wandering through there, so we were able to take our time. We love that movie and so it was really fun to see the bedrooms and kitchen.
The little one's planning their next attack!
My driving partner. Look out, ladies!
With sweet eyes like that, I can forgive his poor driving.
Me and my prince charming in front of Cinderella's castle. Awww....

As you can see, we did not let the rain deter us from having fun. Each of the kids attempted to pull the sword out of the stone. I have heard mixed stories and cannot confirm if this particular sword is actually able to be dislodged from the stone. However, it did not stop these guys (and gal!) from giving it their all.

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