Monday, April 25, 2011

March 2011 - FLEC 5K

The kids participated in the Forrest Lake Education Center (FLEC) 5K this year. Their run was a 1 mile fun-run. This run raises money for the worthy student fund. However, we've never actually heard what the qualifications are for being one of these worthy students. :)

The pre-K kids were the first corral of kids to cross the starting line, accompanied by a police escort!

There's my speedy fellow! His little legs were just a moving away!
However, when he saw everyone clapping, he stopped to clap and look around to see what was going on. :) I was just a few feet away and told him to keep running until he gets to the balloons.
And there he goes, crossing the finish line!

Megan crossed the finish line just a few minutes later. That girl can run!
With their medals, and their water, they hung out waiting for Joshua to cross the finish line.

And there he is! He did great!
They all got their medals and were very proud of themselves. We decided to stick around to see the 5k race, but had a lull in the activity, so we wandered around inside in the air conditioning. We came across the Florida Hospital for Children logo, and Megan asked if I had brought some babies to the school to watch her run. She's obsessed with babies and now in her world, it's okay that I go to work and miss dinner some nights because I'm "taking care of babies". Anyhow, we wandered over to see what was happening, and she was slightly disappointed that there weren't any babies. But there were t-shirts to color on...almost as good!
We chatted with some nice folks that work with Grandma, and they encouraged the kids to think about what they wanted to do when they are 100 years old.
When Daniel is 100 years old, he wants to live by himself in a small house near the water. So funny for the baby of the family to want some alone time! He's such a typical third child!

When Megan is 100 years old, she wants to swim in the ocean with me. Uh, we haven't talked about how old I'll be when she's 100 years old, but if I'm expected to swim in the ocean when I'm 128, I better start working on my backstroke, or in the very least cut back on my sugar, caffeine and cholesterol.

Joshua was too shy to let me take his picture with his shirt. However, he drew an awesome chess board and insists that he'll be playing chess with Meow-meow when he's 100.

It was a good time! We stopped for bagels and bananas on the way home.

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