Monday, April 25, 2011

Field Trip!

Daniel's grade was invited to attend an event at the hospital earlier this month. I had the day off of work, but had other things that I needed to get done that day. However, the teachers said we would only be gone until around noon-time, so I joined them. It seems as though there are never enough hands to help with the 4 year old class. I was assigned my 3 kids (including Daniel) to keep an eye on for the trip. To pass the time before departure, we read stories in the classroom.
We had front row viewing of the stage. I was sitting on the grass with 1 four year old in my lap and two others leaning up against me. I could't help but giggle when Mickey came out and the kids around me all cheered!

I was amazed at how well these little ones were listening to the stories of the other children that had been sick and were now getting better.

Most of the class with two of the best teachers at the school! Notice Daniel's little head right beside Mrs. Dianne - he loves her.

Me and Daniel hanging around. He's still small enough for "pick me up, Mom, I'm tired". But he's so long, I don't know how much longer that will last.

So proud of his finding! Talk about attention to detail, even the confetti sprayed into the air were shaped like Mickey heads. Of course, now that one or two kids had confetti, some of the adults had to poke through the grass to make sure everyone had one.

I was thinking that we were done, and I was ready to board the bus again. Then the principal of the school came out and suggested to the teachers that the kids take a tour of the lobby.
We let the kids do a quick walk-through and then it was time to go.
Daniel was not interested in walking through the lobby. Our kids have been through the lobby many times during various different trips to the hospital to visit either me or Grandma at work. So for Daniel, it was a little too crowded for him. Like his Grandpa Joe, he's content to just find a chair and hang out.

While outside waiting on the school bus, we ran into one of the volunteer dogs. He looked just like our Lilly.

The teachers decided to visit a local park briefly so that the kids could have lunch and run around for a while.

They had a great time and burned off quite a bit of energy! It was a really cool park and I'm hoping to remember how to get there, so I can take all the kids sometime this summer.

Daniel and his friend sharing my seat on the ride home in the bus telling me what a good time they had.

Daniel and his friend 2 minutes later.... sound asleep.

They all went home with adorable glowing magic wands. So cute!!

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