Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mini-Golfing with Grandma and Grandpa Ketchum

Sometime last year, I had the amazing opportunity to connect with my biological father and his wife. Frank and Mary Grace have been able to visit with us a couple of times since then and by now, it seems like we've all known each other forever!

Frank and Mary Grace came to visit during the end of February/beginning of March this year. They were able to be at the finish line when I completed the Disney Princess Half Marathon and then as luck would have it, they were here for the whole week the kids were on Spring Break from school! We all met up and had dinner at Sweet Tomatoes and then did some mini-golfing.
After everyone was done golfing, Keith bought bags of dirt that the kids then panned over running water to reveal different "minerals". It was a cute activity and we still have all the gems, including some fun Indian Arrowheads.
A group shot of all of us. The kids are already asking for another visit!
Daniel as the king of the hill waiting to go onto the next hole.
Megan asked if we can get a waterfall like this for our pool.
The three golfers! They had a blast! I think it was Daniel's first time actually being successful at mini-golfing. However, not as successful as Mary Grace, she scored not one but two hole-in-one shots!
Mary Grace and Frank - we now call them Grandma and Grandpa Ketchum.

The boys. They are so handsome!

It was a very fun time. Since the mini-golf place is just up the road from our house, we all went back to soak up some air conditioning and relax on the couch.


Rachel Holloway said...

I was just so suprrised to see your kiddos! They have grown SO MUCH! I am just in AWE!

SoggyToad said...

It's so fun to catch up with your precious family. The kids have grown so much. Love to you all!