Sunday, April 17, 2011

Busting Myths and Doing Homework

Joshua (well, actually all of us!) really enjoys the show Mythbusters. Basically, it's a mix of science and entertainment mixed with blowing stuff up. We bought Joshua a Mythbusters kit for Christmas. There are many out there, but this kit's focus is on Air Pressure. Joshua and Daniel checked out all of the different experiments to try and settled on the air pressure marshmallow shooter. Fortunately, the kit came with some balls of fluff, and so we did not have to break into our sticky snacks for ammunition.
Joshua made the shooter and then altered it many times to see how much he could change the air flow through the tubes to change the target area of the fluff ball. It was really neat. There are a few other experiments in there that involve using things out of the recycling bin. Two thumbs up from Joshua!

Here's Keith giving a thumbs-up for drawing the short straw and having to help with homework duty. I'm sure given the choice, he will choose "clean the kitchen" next time. Oh the tears and drama Megan can produce when she just doesn't want to do her school work. The assignment was to cut out "sparkle words" from magazines and bring them to school. Now, I realize I am certainly not an education professional...however, when you tell a (then) 6 year old girl to cut out "sparkle" words, and the two magazines in the house, Time and Shape, do not have anything in them that actually sparkles, then the tears come bubbling out. What ever happened to just calling them adjectives? Once we talked further about these words being describing words, the assignment went a little easier.

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