Monday, April 18, 2011

Summertime Fun - June 2010

In 2010, the summertime months flew by. Some of our big events...
Daniel (in the plaid) and his best bud Luke (in the stripes) graduated from the Beginners class at church. I opted to stay in the Beginners room one more year because it is so fun to teach 3-and-4-year olds! We are now drawing near to the end of my second year in the room and I'm happy to pass the little kid room on to another teacher.
Along with some help from my awesome staff, I moved the physician's group into a multi-million dollar building. It took up quite a bit of the summer, but the experience of it all was really eye-opening. I learned quite a bit, even though in the end I decided that the management tract I was taking was moving me further and further away from my patient-care related goals. I still work for the same large organization, now I'm back doing in-patient nursing and I'm happier than ever!
Lilly's dog-school took up much of our summer. We faithfully attended every Thursday night for 8 weeks in a row.
Lilly learned how to beg and she uses that skill daily. We aren't allowed to feed her anything but her dog food, since she's a few pounds overweight.
Daniel and Buddy Bear and Meow-Meow settled in for movie-night.

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