Sunday, October 19, 2008

Zoo Boo Bash

Today, the kids and I went to the Central Florida Zoo's Boo Bash. It was so much fun!! There were so many great activities going on. Fortunately for us, we have a family pass to the zoo, so we are frequent visitors. I didn't feel the anxiety that I saw from more than a few other families - that need to squeeze every last craft/exhibit/ride to make the most of the day. We leisurely strolled through the animals, enjoying the slight breeze and the mid-70 degree temperature.
I did make the kids stop for another cute cut-out picture. How adorable are they?
Upon entering the zoo, each child was given a slip of paper with the different trick-or-treat stations listed. At the different stations, the child hands over the paper to get hole-punched. Out of the 10 or so stations, we were satisfied stopping at about 5 of them.
Joshua really enjoyed the insect exhibit. He also commented that he wants to visit the zoo again when we are dressed to play in the splash park.
Daniel had a great time. He walked all over the zoo and never once complained that he was tired. I've been trying to go stroller-less for some of our outings and it really is so much easier.
Near the elephants, there was a big bounce-house set up. Megan and Joshua had a great time. Daniel would not go inside. He doesn't like unstable things.
The kids loved the little "scary" haunted house. Megan and Joshua ran right through it. Daniel held my hand and wouldn't go near it because it howled.
We took a hay ride around the back of the zoo. Joshua got out his pirate spying scope to check for spooky things ahead.
Megan insisted that we walk through the butterfly garden. She saw quite a few butterflies. She said, "Mom, I'll bet the butterflies think I'm really Snow White and that's why they are coming out to look at me.". She's such a silly little girlie-girl.
In the insect exhibit, Joshua told us all about butterflies, spiders and other bug-types. His classroom is doing a big unit on insects right now. I enjoyed listening to him "teaching" Megan and Daniel.


The Day family of 4 said...

Isn't it nice to be all warm in costumes! Different from lat year isn't it. Your kids are so cute!

Anonymous said...

They are beyond adorable :)