Wednesday, October 22, 2008

No School Today

The kids had no school today. There was a teacher-workday. Daniel slept poorly last night because he has decided that he doesn't want to wear "baby diapers" to bed anymore, so he's been begging for underpants under his pajamas. This means he wakes up every few hours because he's afraid of peeing in his bed.

Keith had to follow up with the surgeon this morning. While he was gone, I worked with Megan trying to teach her how to keep her room organized. She is such a pack rat, there was stuff everywhere.

Then we tried out a new sub shop, Heros. It was really good. The decor was great and the food was delicious. The owners were very hospitable, checking on us multiple times while we ate our sandwiches. Then we were off to the park.

We ran the kids around until they started to show signs of getting weary. They had a great time.
Tomorrow, it's back to school!

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