Friday, October 10, 2008


For anyone interested, there are 1.64 miles (or 4,757 steps) round trip between my front door and Keith's parent's front door. Betcha can't guess who has a new pedometer? :)


This entire week, I have not had a full night sleep. Last night's interruptions came at 1:30am when Keith was making a little too much noise feeding the cat (she was crying so loud!). Then at 3:30am, Megan came in my room to tell me that the ice pack (from her sprained wrist) that she put in her freezer did not stay cold and that she needs a new one. Mind you, her freezer is part of her pretend kitchen, but at least I now knew where the missing ice pack had gone. Then at 5:30am Daniel had a big sneeze that left boogers on his pillow case. You guessed it, I simply flipped the pillow over, took a baby wipe to his face and crawled back into bed - only for my alarm to go off 20 minutes later. Someday I'll look back and think this is funny. :)


Rachel H. said...

That is so awesome! I only WISH I had family that close now!! And I REALLY wish I had the drive to walk so much! :)

On the other hand, sorry for your rough night. We have had that all week too. TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE.

Wild Banks' said...

Hee hee hee... I think it's kinda funny now! Don't get me wrong, it's nice to know that super-mom has some of the rough nights that make up a regular mom's life, like mine!

I assume the kids are at school- and in a stroller- when you're measuring the distance to peace and quiet. Shane and Austin have decided that they're big enough to walk. Pictures soon on the blog. Needless to say, it would take hours to get that 1.something miles! Lucky duck!