Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pizza and Pumpkins

Tonight we went out to our favorite pizza place. The weather was beautiful tonight, so we asked to eat outside.
Our waiter was calling Daniel Mr. Hollywood, and Daniel got a big kick out of the extra attention. After enjoying our yummy dinner, we were off to the pumpkin patch.

As soon as we entered the pumpkin patch, we were greeted by a couple of extremely helpful young ladies. They gave each of the kids stickers and gave me a handout about their church (Methodist), as well as what other community resources benefit from this sale.

It's nearly impossible to get a picture of the three of these monkeys all looking the same way!
Daniel was very cautious walking through the pumpkin patch. He was a little unsure about the hay on the ground.
The guys of the house were working together to pick out a good big family pumpkin. Daddy picked out a great pumpkin.
While picking out pumpkins, we saw some suspicious pilgrims and Indians checking us out.

My darling pumpkin resting in the pumpkins. She was watching some other kids doing the hula-hoop.
There was a silly looking farmer that was watching over the sheep, cows, pigs and chickens.
Megan was watching the sheep.
Daniel was thrilled with the pumpkin he picked out.
Joshua was also pretty pleased with his pumpkin.
The kids were all fantastic. They were wonderful at Carmella's for dinner. And they listened so well at the pumpkin patch. They are getting pretty pumped up about all of the Harvest Festivals around town.


Anonymous said...

So cute...and I love the picture of Keith!

Rachel H. said...

Who knew that pilgrams wore baseballs caps under all that stuff?? :) jk! What beautiful pictures. I love fall / pumpkin pics because it just seems that no matter what, they ALWAYS turn out adorable!

The Day family of 4 said...

Looks like such fun! We are going to a patch tomorrow, I can't wait! Happy Harvest :)

C Anderson said...

The kids look adorable in the pumpkin patch!