Monday, October 6, 2008

The Chefs

Joshua went on a field trip this past week to Green Meadows Farm. Since he's been home, he's an expert on all things farm-related. His favorite part was the cow-milking experience.

Joshua has been looking through the cook books for something delicious to make. He wanted to make some cookies this weekend, but decided we should wait until Daddy is feeling better. Instead, I helped him make some eggs in a nest on Sunday morning.
Using some Halloween cookie cutters, Joshua made the nests while I heated the griddle and added the eggs. Joshua added some shakes of cinnamon/sugar to the cut out toast for a treat.
We cut the fruit together, then Joshua poured the juice and served the breakfast. He did a great job.

Sunday night Keith and Joshua went out to Target with Grandma. Megan decided she needed to made dinner with me. She went to the pantry and picked out some Annie's shells and cheese. While that was cooking, she got out the carrots and some lettuce and made a small salad.
She did a pretty good job and enjoyed the fruits of her labor.
Daniel did not get to do any cooking on Sunday. Maybe next time. I will say that it takes three times as long to get anything done in the kitchen when the kids are hands-on helping vs. them just sitting at the bar keeping me company. It is a lot of work, but really fun.


Rachel H. said...

How fun! It IS more work to have kids help, but I am hoping it pays off in a few years. :) Right??

Zach and Beth said...

You are such an inspiration, Mary. You make me realize that I need to take time to allow the little ones to help. Gabriel already likes to help.