Thursday, October 23, 2008

Job Fair

I went to a job fair at one of the local hospitals. It was a pretty swanky event. I had such a great time. I ran into so many people that I either went to school with or previously worked with. Seriously, I ran into a friend from middle school and about a half dozen other faces from my past. I'm hoping that they all remembered me for positive reasons. Honestly, I don't really find myself to be someone that most people remember. Seriously, I'm dreadfully boring and very unoriginal.

I did speak to a few nurse managers about some potential employment in the next few months. I'm so excited about going back to work soon. There are so many great opportunities available right now, I just hope I settle into the right position for me.


Rachel H. said...

I am sure you will land the perfect job!! Who wouldn't snag you at the first chance they got?!?!

The Day family of 4 said...

You are far from boring or forgettable... I remember the first time I met you at the center.... you've got spunk and class, and you are a great mom.... there is nothing better than that. :)