Saturday, October 25, 2008

So it's not always perfect around here

I have this great dream that someday we can all go on a lengthy bike ride as a family. Lengthy in this case is defined as any distance longer than the 15 feet of sidewalk that the kids ordinarilly ride their bikes on. So today I pilled Megan and Daniel into the double stoller and pulled out Joshua's bike. We were maybe 10 feet away from the house when Joshua started wimpering that riding his bike was too hard, he's too tired and not having any fun. So instead of walking down to the bike trail, we just walked a quick trip around the block. Me pushing the stroller, and Joshua pushing his bike.

I was really bummed out because I thought they would all enjoy the trip. However, lately we are having this really weird funk with the kids. One of the strange things about having three kids is it is so easy to keep 2 out of 3 happy. Once the 3rd is added to the mix (and it doesn't matter which one it is), bickering and hostility take the place of any peaceful playing. I'm seriously considering installing boxing/wrestling bell in the middle of the house for going ding, ding, ding - back to your corners.


Mrs. Darling said...

Its always struck me just how strange it is that when I go about planning a fun time for the kids one or the other of them can turn it into an unpleasant event and they end up going home and retiring in their rooms because I have put them in a time out! sigh

Wild Banks' said...

Hang in there! Someday they'll start getting old enough to do things on thier own and then you'll (sometimes) miss the whining and company. On the rare occasions that Dad keeps the boys so I can hit the store solo, I find myself standing in the checkout line with nothing to do, missing the boys. I have to be crazy but it's the truth!

The Day family of 4 said...

Sounds like our little bike ride the other day... Why can't kids catch on to the fact that we are trying to build lasting and wonderful memories for them?