Sunday, October 12, 2008

We love the farmer's market!

Keith did not sleep well last night, so I quietly got the kids dressed to go out with the promise of a picnic in the park. Our first stop was to Publix for some fresh made mini-muffins, yogurt and strawberries. Then we drove down to Quinn Strong Park in Maitland and found a wonderful shady spot. With the temperature in the early 80's it was a perfect morning for playing in the shade.
After eating breakfast and a few games of tag on the grass, we set our sights on shopping at the farmer's market.
The kids loved eating breakfast outside.
There are so many interesting details around this park. The kids had a great time pointing out fun carvings on the walls and in the sidewalks.

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Rachel H. said...

What an awesome, perfect morning! Perfect way to leave your hubby in peace. :)