Sunday, January 29, 2012

Weekend Fun

It feels as though life is moving in fast forward these days. The kids all seem so big and independent lately.
Joshua is just about finished reading the Harry Potter series. He has only one book left to go. I'm so amazed at how thick these books are and how fast he's going through them.

Here's a cool art project that Joshua completed in school last week.

Also, in school this past week was the 100th day of school. Daniel made this cool hat in Kindergarten. He wore it all day, even to the Fresh Market to get fish and veggies for Friday night's dinner.

I worked all day Saturday, and I have no idea what happens on work days. I do know that Keith took the kids to church and that there was perhaps some cereal served for dinner that night.

I woke up this morning to Megan poking my shoulder asking me what was for breakfast. It was 8am, which is about 3 hours later than I usually sleep. I told her to go find Daddy (who was in the livingroom) and rock-paper-scissors him for breakfast. If he won, he'd make breakfast, if she won, I'd take her to Dunkin Donuts. Megan won, so I dragged myself out of bed and we went to DD for some donuts, bagels and coffee.

Then we tidied up the house and got ready for lunch at Grandma's house. Keith's long-time friend Jeremy, and his wife and kids were in town and we all had lunch at Keith's parents house. I did not get any pictures. I wish I had, Megan was thrilled to have two sweet girls to play with.

Tonight, my sister was bored, so she came over for dinner. I ordered up pizza and we had so much fun sitting around chatting and eating.

The boys had so much fun together. I think Pam's boys want to move in with us. It was hard to see them go. I'd love for them to move just a little closer to our neighborhood.

They all have Nintendo DS systems and were playing a group game together. So fun!

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