Monday, January 2, 2012

Baby, it's cold outside!

The boys helped me change the sheets on their beds today. After that was done, we emptied the Dyson and took out some of the dirt for a closer look.

We saw dirt, and some oil and a couple of hairs. So cool and gross all at the same time.

Then we had a plan that we would go to the park. So I piled them into the minivan and down to the castle park in Winter Park. Unfortunately, we only lasted about 2.7 minutes, since the wind picked up and the temperature was dropping by the second. The kids were all in shorts and short sleeve shirts, and my toes were freezing in my flip flops. So, back to the house for a wardrobe change and we were off again.

We ran into Wal-Mart to return a 3 duplicate games that we got for Christmas. It was quick and painless to return items, but I did have to pick up a few things, and that's where it gets ugly. Wal-mart is so dreary and busy and loud. Really, does there need to be televisions at the check-out stands blaring advertisements? We got the cat litter we needed and got out as quick as we could.

We went to the "fish" park and played there for at least an hour. I didn't realize how late it was getting, since my watch band is being repaired and I left my phone in the car. The next thing I knew someone walked by us and told his kids it was 5pm and time to go home. Oh no! I've got to get dinner going.

Daniel as king of the playground.

Sweet, sweet siblings.

Megan on the fish...why the park is the "fish park".

We still had to make a few stops on the way home and ended up dawdling in Chamberlain's for way to long, so when we got home it was already 5:30. I whipped up some chunky chicken noodle soup and called it a night.

We read the Brothers Grimm version of Sleeping Beauty tonight and the kids really enjoyed it.

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SoggyToad said...

The fish park looks like a ton of fun!