Friday, January 6, 2012

Fun at the Dentist Office

With Winter Break coming to an end, and a new calendar year beginning, it seemed logical to get the kids all in for their winter teeth cleaning. We switched to the Maitland location of Greenberg Dental and are very happy with the switch. At first, I was concerned because we hung out in the waiting room for about 45 minutes after the first scheduled appointment. Then the hygienist explained that they were trying to get all 3 kids in close proximity so that I didn't have to go from room to room to see them. It worked beautifully! There were chest-high dividers between the dental chairs and I was able to stand in Megan's area and look over at each of the boys. Here's our super-boring visit to the dentist. It's not exciting around here all the time, sometimes we do normal things like floss...

I was the most concerned about Megan, since she is our closet sweets eater...literally. The last time I moved furniture around in her room I found tons of granola bar and treat wrappers in her room. Fortunately for us she had a great visit today with zero cavities! The dentist did comment that she should not be drinking any juice (as a general kids shouldn't drink juice, nothing too specific to Megan), or anything dark in color. We're pretty guilty of doing the occasional grape juice or even worse V8 Splash (which isn't even juice at all), but within the past few weeks we've moved to just water with our meals. He complimented her on her no cavities and then asked if she is very detailed with brushing her teeth and then he looked at her socks and said, "nevermind". Ha, ha!

Joshua did great, too! He also has no cavities. I asked the dentist about Josh's need to always have something in his mouth. He's always chewing on something - his nails or gum. And he grinds his teeth. Dr. Dentist said that those things are not having a negative effect on his teeth and that sugar-free gum is okay for Joshua's nervousness. After doing much research over the past few weeks, I went ahead and decided to get Joshua's back molars "sealed". I'll likely have Megan's done within the next year, too. Funny thing about Joshua at the dentist is that he talks so much that it's hard for him to just lay there and let the hygienist clean his teeth. His literally took twice as long!

Little Daniel-bug hadn't really had the full-on dental visit until today. In the past, he has had a light cleaning and exam, but today is the first time I agreed to the xrays and fluoride treatment. He did great! He also has no cavities and loved the water sucker. In the picture above is what he looked like when I left him to go check on Joshua's sealants. Daniel had just gotten his fluoride applied and was supposed to be sitting with the sucker keeping his teeth dry. As I looked over the wall back at Daniel...this is what I found...

So funny! No, he hasn't had any funny-gas, this is just the way Daniel is. In the end where he shoves the sucker back in his mouth is because he hears the dentist coming.

I'm sure the dentist office is looking forward to us returning for the 6 month check this summer!