Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

As soon as the kids went back to school, I started attacking their bedrooms. *sigh* Megan has been a pack rat forever. As scared as I was to go under her bed, it must be done. Wow, I found enough clothes to do an entire load of laundry, as well as her jacket and a half dozen of naked Barbie dolls. Note to self: must make more Barbie clothes.

Of course, then I find this, and it made things just a little bit better.

Once I finished with the cleaning of Megan's room, I strolled around Costco by myself. Wow, so fun! I got lost in the book section for a while and almost came home with tons of stuff that I didn't need and then I got back on track and got my veggies.

I spent a couple of hours pureeing veggies for smoothies. So yummy! It reminded me of years ago, making all that baby food. I now have freezer baggies full of spinach cubes, cherry cubes, kale/apple cubes, greek yogurt cubes and banana cubes. Makes grabbing a morning smoothie so much quicker.

Joshua woke up with a cough on Saturday morning, and so we opted to hang out at home instead of go to church. We spent some time sitting outside around the pool reading and pretty much had a quiet day.

Sunday morning, I took the kids to the park, so Keith could get some studying done for his classes.

It wasn't as crowded as I thought it would be, with the weather being as gorgeous as it's been. The kids had a blast.

I sat around clipping coupons and making the weekly menu.

The kids ran around with the walkie-talkies that Megan got for Christmas. They were hiding form each other and giving clues to find them. So funny! I love to see them play so well together.
I wore them out and then came home to make some snacks for the football game. It was an awesome game that resulted in the Patriots going to the Superbowl.

Monday was my birthday. Keith and the kids made me a cake and we met Keith's parents for dinner at Jason's Deli.

Don't look to closely at my messy kitchen!

Thirty-six candles. After blowing them out, we had to open up a few windows to be sure we didn't set the smoke alarms off. We have very sensitive smoke detectors.

The kids came home from school with their Progress Reports and I'm super-proud of all of them. Joshua earned all As. Daniel earned all Ss. Megan earned 2 As, 2Bs and 1C. Her C was just 1 point away from a B. Such an improvement over the beginning of the school year. We're about half-way through the school year, and I have to say that I'm still loving their school. Daniel gave me a penguin today and explained that he had to write two complete sentences about his penguin.
What is this glob on the corner of the kids' bathroom sink? It's what happens to Ivory Soap when it's put in the microwave. I would recommend cutting the bar in quarters and only microwaving for about 45-60 seconds. We may need to share this fun experiment with Grandpa, he's always looking for fun little tricks to use for Object Lessons.

Tomorrow, Daniel's class is having a 100th day of school celebration. He has to bring in 100 of one thing and give 3 clues to what it is. He chose macaroni. His clues are: it's twirly, it goes with cheese and it's yellow. He came up with this whole thing by himself.

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