Monday, January 5, 2009

Top of Stone Mountain

On New Year's Day, Daniel woke up not feeling very well. He walked over to Keith's step-sister, Ami and told her "my froat's not working". Grandma offered to hang onto Daniel for the day, so Keith and I took the big kids to the top of Stone Mountain.
Back before we had kids, Keith and I climbed to the top of the mountain. This time, with the kids we rode in the sky lift to the top of the mountain.Megan is seriously the most beautiful little person I've ever seen. I realize I might be partial.

The top of the mountain is very uneven. Megan kept tripping on the surface.

It was chilly and windy, but so well worth it! The view from the top was fantastic. The clear skies made for great visibility.

We took the sky rail back down the side of the mountain. It was a welcome shield from the wind and gave another spectacular view of the carving on the side of the mountain.

Later that day, Daniel fell asleep on Daddy's lap while watching football, so I brought him down to our room for a nap in the big bed.

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