Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year's Eve Party

Keith flew in just after breakfast on New Year's Eve. A big family reunion was planned for that night in one of the suites. Since I took over 260 pictures during this long weekend - I'm sifting though them and only posting pictures with our kids in them on this blog and the rest of the pictures will be uploaded to Picasa tonight. Daniel and Daddy were looking a little tired from the traveling.
At around 3 in the afternoon, other members of the Holloway families started to arrive. Aunt Oida really planted a good one on Daniel.

Joshua enjoyed drawing with his cousins Ashley (above) and Nickolas Hughes.

Daniel made the rounds trying to sit on every one's lap. By now it was already past his bedtime and he was looking for someone to go to sleep on.

Daniel and Grandpa playing.

Daniel and Robbie.

Megan coloring with Jake. Jake and Christina have the most adorable little baby boy, Everett. Everett has some seriously awesome hair for a 7 week old!

Daniel trying to get one of the guys to rub his back.

Nope, no back rub, but a nice little toss in the air! Daniel loved it!

Ron Shank entertaining the kids. Seriously between Ron's patience with Megan and his boys' (Alex and Micheal) patience with our little boys, I'm considering always taking the Shanks with me on vacation. I'll just have to pack plenty of make-up remover for those Aunt Oida kisses that Daniel wears so proudly!

Alex and Daniel playing with the race cars.

Daniel and one of the race cars. The Shanks brought the race cars and were so generous to share them with our kids.
Joshua and Alex playing with the race cars. It is so comforting to know that our boys have such wonderful young men as role models in our family.

I asked Joshua if he enjoyed spending time with Micheal and he said, "yeah, he's silly". That cracked me up.
Megan coloring with Kennedy and Lexy. Megan calls them her new cousins.
Keith, the kids and I were all in bed by around 10pm on New Year's Eve. We were exhausted. However, the party in the suite down the hall rocked on until the wee hours of the morning. The next morning, the decorations were down.

It looked like everyone had a good time. The box of pictures spanning a couple of generations was a huge source of entertainment.


Anonymous said...

You got some great photos :)

Dayfamilyof4 said...

What a fun New Years eve. It makes me wish I could have been "home" for all the traditional fondue fun my family enjoys.