Friday, January 9, 2009

Our Return to Homeschooling

I meant to write about this last night, but got interrupted by a night full of our youngest child vomiting. Yuck.

We've been batting around the decision to return to homeschooling for a few months now. Truthfully, we haven't been thrilled with having the kids back in outside-of-the-home school. There haven't been any huge issues, but a ton of little things that slowly add up to leading us to feel as though we need to take more responsibility in armoring our children before sending them out to the battle. That's what it boils down to - helping our kids build up their strengths.

Some of our plans are still pretty foggy, and we aren't 100% sure about how we are going to pull it off. Keith is pretty excited about the whole thing. With good reason to be, since he'll be doing most of the schooling with the kids. We've gotten a few great suggestions for homeschooling materials and are now wading through all the information.

We used Calvert in the past. We'd like to try something different this time around.

I'm really interested in reading about what other families are using for their kids, whether it be a boxed curriculum or on-line.

When we narrow down our plan, we'll be sure to share it. For now, the kids will finish out the school year at their school. Daniel starts full-time daycare on Monday with a facility that I am very pleased with. I return to work on Monday as a full-time employee for one of the hospitals in our area. This is an important step to secure health care benefits for the family while we transition from being a military family back to being a civilian family.


Rachel H. said...

oh my! I am impressed! I love how in tune you are to your kids and their education. I am sure you guys will do great! Good luck! I would love to hear what you choose to do--I have been contemplating...

Fox Family said...

I'm so excited for you guys! I'll be praying for all the kinks to work themselves out.

Anonymous said...

sonlight & winter promise are good curriculum to use.