Thursday, January 8, 2009

Game Night and More Changes to our Routine

Joshua has decided that Thursday nights will be game nights. With all of our big changes going on, the kids now have a longer day at school and aftercare. So with just a few precious hours together in the evening, Game Night seems like a great use of our time.
We got Joshua the game Blokus for Christmas. We tried it out tonight and it was an instant hit. Megan couldn't quite get it, but Joshua was all over it. It really is the kind of game that's right up his alley.

Keith and I are now researching our homeschool options for the kids next year. We're both really excited about teaching the kids together. We'll be teaching Joshua 1st/2nd grade and teaching Megan Kindergarten.


Dayfamilyof4 said...

Back to home schooling? I can't wait to see your tips :)

Mrs. Darling said...

Okay where did I miss it? I thought you were homeschooling all along. So what are the changes and why are the changes taking place. Did you blog about this and I missed it? It all sounds so full of promise.