Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Our Bowling Trip

The first thing Joshua told me when we woke up this morning was, "Today is bowling day!". So, I kept my promise and we went out to the bowling alley on base. The bowling alley doesn't open up until 11:30 am, so we spent our morning tidying up the house before we took off for our adventure.
I even let Daniel play. I walked with him up to the line and put the ball down and he pushed it. We had the bumpers up so that it would go down and knock the pins over. He stood there after every turn watching his ball go. The ball was moving so slow, Daniel's turn lasted forever.
Megan enjoyed bowling, too. She didn't get the concept of how to hold the ball, but she did like rolling it down the lane. As you see, they insisted on wearing their Indian head dresses.

Megan danced after every turn. She was so excited to see the pins get knocked down, she'd shout "yes!" and start her victory dance. Joshua was much more reserved. He was studying a group of active duty guys bowling and was trying to mimic their technique.
We stayed for lunch. Sadly, the bowling alley only offers fried foods and the serving sizes were enormous. The kids had chicken fingers, french fries and water. I was able to split 2 meals between the 4 of us, and it was still way too much food. I think we'll be packing our lunch for future field trips.

For our friends in warmer places that don't know - Kodiak is the island that is colored red on this painting.

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