Monday, October 15, 2007

Not as much fun as we had hoped....

The pumpkin patch was not as much fun as we had hoped. After all the advertisements that indicated it would be a fun kids activity, it was really anything but! The kids were sad that they couldn't walk around and pick out their own pumpkins, because too many adults were racing through the area throwing themselves over the large pumkins. It made me so sad to watch Joshua so politely ask a lady 'excuse me, can I have one of those pumkins?', and she told him no. So I cheerfully scooped up three small pumkins and we made our way through the line to check out and head home. Joshua really wanted a big huge pumkin. I made a deal with Joshua that we would carve our small pumpkins closer to Halloween, but that I will teach him how to make a big paper mache pumpkin later this week.
Fortunately, we had the fire station activity to fall back on, since the pumpkin patch was such a bust. The kids did a really neat activity where they each took turns pretending to sleep and the fire fighter set off the smoke alarm and the kids got out of bed and crawled out of the 'house' to collect a prize. Megan and Joshua both enjoyed this activity. Daniel sat back and watched eating his popcorn.

We also spent quite a bit of time playing putt-putt golf. Both boys really enjoyed themselves.

The weather was really nice, which allowed us to spent quite a bit of time outside looking at the fire engines, again. This time there were fire engines from all the local fire stations. And the ladder truck had the big ladder all the way extended. Megan is holding a pair of sunglasses that she picked as her prize at the smoke detector activity. Joshua is holding a ruler, he said it would be nice to put with his school supplies.

The highlight of our weekend was that we were Boo'd this week, and we needed to reciprocate by Boo-ing two of our neighbors. So, to Boo back our neighbors, we had to make two more ghosts and make two bags of candy and leave them on the neighbors' doorsteps, ring the bell and run. Hopefully, by the time Halloween rolls around, the whole neighborhood will have had a chance to play.

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