Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Is it really July?

How can it possibly be July already?  June was such a nice month for us, but it went by so quickly.

Megan and I made "clean eating" fruit cups and the kids love them! This mixture is strawberries and raspberries, but we tend to use whatever we can get in bulk at Costco. 

Daniel called me into the bathroom and I came running in thinking there was something wrong, instead he wanted me to take a picture of is mowhawk.  Oh boy...he's such a little rebel. 

Sometimes I marvel at the kids' ability to use all this technology.  Joshua likes to watch You Tube videos of Mario Kart races and then teach the tricks to Daniel.  

We had a lot of rain in June.  Our make-shift ghetto rainbarrel even overflowed once or twice during some of the heavy rain.  

Lots of rainy days means plenty of time for reading.  The kids dug into the pile of books that I bought at the scholastic warehouse sale.  I wish our library had a better selection of big kid books. 

Keith and I laughed and said this June was very much like living in Kodiak.  During our Alaska days, if the sun came out, everyone stopped what they were doing and ran outside to enjoy the weather.  Such was the case in June.  I recall sitting in the office studying and I looked up to see the sun peaking through the clouds and I yelled, "everyone in the pool!".  My apologies to the neighbors for all the shrieking and giggling at 9:30am, but what's a mom to do?

My boy in his Red Sox shirt.  I think he wears it every other day or so.  Not that I'm complaining. 

We celebrated out 15th wedding anniversary in June and I spend the day running some errands.  Around dinner time, I texted Keith a picture from Five Guys and told him I'd be home soon with his gift.  :) It was a delicious treat.  

I went in to wake Joshua up, and Megan is sitting up there just chatting away with him.  Funny how they still get up at 6:30 am, even though schools out for the summer.  I wonder if this will continue on to the teen years. 

I came home from work wide awake one morning and decided that I would study for a bit before getting some sleep.  I had peace and quiet for about 15 minutes....

and then the boys decided to join me.

Woody hiding in the bookshelf makes me smile. 

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