Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Blizzard Beach

We picked a day to make our maiden voyage out to one of the water parks, and sure enough, I got called into work the night before.  I guess I could have declined the opportunity to work overtime, but you don't even want to know the crazy amount of money I just spent on textbooks for the new semester.  So, I worked all night, grabbed a coffee on the way home and didn't let a little (a lot) of no sleep deter our plans.  

With a bag of towels and some sunscreen, we set off for Blizzard Beach.  It takes us about 20 minutes or so (without traffic) to get there. What worked well for us was to get there just as the park was opening, so we could secure good seats to put our towels and stuff on.  I decided that the best place to set up camp would be at the Ski Patrol Training Camp area, which is a play place designed for the older kid - not a baby, but not a teenager.

Getting there early means having the play area to ourselves.  There's Joshua crossing the icebergs.  

And now Daniel, he's so cautious that it took him forever the first try across. 

And Megan...she was quite speedy. 

We did not pack lunches for our maiden trip to the water park, so Megan and I went in search of some food.  Disney food all looks the same at each of the parks, so we ate the usual, but made a mental note to pack food the next time.  Disney allows rolling coolers inside the water park, so I promptly went out to get one of those for our future trips. 

Me and my girl.  She and I went on quite a few rides together.  They boys all were happy to lounge in the river, but she's a dare devil and wanted to go down big water slides. Best thing ever about the park: the ski lift.  It was nice to ride up to the top of the slope without having to climb a ton of stairs.  I found the rides to be very family friendly and the kids had a great time.  I loved the winter theme, but could have done without the Christmas music. 

You know you're having a fun day when your hair looks like that!! feels like vacation never ended!

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