Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Lego Store at Downtown Disney

Between the extreme rain and my strange night-shift work schedule, we had ONE day that would have been perfect to go back to one of the Disney parks to use our remaining Magic Your Way tickets before they expired.  As I was preparing things for a later-in-the-week trip to one of the parks, I noticed we were missing one of the kids' tickets.  Now, it could have just been in the washer, as it's likely that I used it as the hotel key and put it in my pocket, but after a frantic search through the house, it was no where to be found.  I called Disney's Customer Service and they said since I was close to Downtown Disney, I should just pop over there and pick up a replacement ticket.  So, we loaded up and headed out for a spontaneous trip to Downtown Disney.  

While we only needed to visit the Customer Service area (near the chocolate shop), we couldn't resist checking out the new Lego displays. 

Notice Keith's big smile, I think he was just as into the toys as the kids were! 

Woah!  That's pretty cool! 

The new Lego set for The Lone Ranger.

Wow, that's a tall Lego Friends display. 

Sweet Daniel and the Hulk. 

We did give them each a budget to stick to and allowed them to shop for a bit.  They all came home with something new and exciting to add to our Lego collection. 

Joshua and the pirate

The crew with the pirate (just ignore my finger at the top of the picture!).

So after shopping, we managed to get to the Disney ticket counter to pick up our replacement ticket.  I talked to the cast member about extending the expiration on the ticket and there would be a fee to do that.  Since we had to add a nominal fee to the tickets, I asked her if it were possible to transfer the ticket to a water park,since if we are going to be out in the rain getting wet, we might as well do it someplace that we'll be wet anyway.  In the end, for a slight fee, we traded our Magic Your Way passes in for annual water park passes for Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon.  We've had the passes for just a couple of weeks and have already been out to play at the parks twice.

I bought a rolling cooler and have a bag stocked with sunscreen and other items so that Keith can take the kids without me on some days, since between trying to sleep during the day and trying to study when I'm not sleeping, it's so nice to have a quiet house every once in a while.  

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