Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Visit from the Ketchums

Our original plans for our anniversary were to go down to Disney, stay in a resort and visit one of the parks. Unfortunately, with the tremendous amount of rain we've been having, we ended up postponing the trip for later in the month of June.  The timing worked out better in the long run, since I was able to complete one of my last exams for this semester before we went on vacation.

The Ketchums were generous in giving us this trip for our 15 year wedding anniversary.  They were also in town for a while and we had the pleasure of visiting with them a couple of times.  It's always so great to see them. 

We all tend to be big readers.  I love that the kids can talk for hours about what they are reading. Some of the family favorites right now are any of the Riordan books and the Harry Potter Series.  

Joshua played a little piano for the family while we were waiting on some pizza delivery .  Nobody is taking any formal lessons, but Joshua has learned how to read music in his recorder class, and has translated that to the keys.  He's doing great, and will likely play more musical instruments this coming school year.  

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