Saturday, June 1, 2013

School's Out for Summer!

There are so many things running through my head that I want to write about.  The kids have had a spectacular school year and we are excited for some summertime fun!

Keith dragged me away from studying one day to go see Star Trek.  He's a huge Star Trek fan and so it seemed like something fun to do on one of our last days of having free childcare, I mean, while the kids were in school! 

Yes, that's Daniel!  He loves gymnastics, but dislikes the rings.  I was surprised at how well he did pulling his knees up and just hanging there.  He does good when Coach John is close by. 

That same day, we got home just in time for a huge rainstorm to hit and flood different areas throughout our neighborhood...including our front patio. 

Keith helped move the water off the concrete and onto some of the plushy lawn to help get rid of the water build-up.  He also went out to the street to rescue our neighbor's trash can and recycle bins. 

One night at work last week, I found an Oragami Yoda hiding out in my lunch bag. 

Celebrating the beginning of the last week of school with a dinner at Moe's.  Yummy!!

Tying his shoes for the last time as a first-grader.  Wow...where did the time go? 

Daniel's awesome teacher, Ms. Parker, made these great shirts for her class to wear on one of the last days of school.  It says "Parker's Peanuts".  So cute!!

Most exciting for us this week...receiving Megan's FCAT scores.  It's no secret that reading was a bit of a struggle in the beginning of the school year, and so to see that she earned a 4 (5 is the highest possible), was just thrilling.  She was so excited at her score!

Keith caught a baby anole, and we all took turns checking the little guy out before releasing him back to finding his mother. 

Last day of school means cleaning out desks and bringing home TONS of stuff!  The school is getting new textbooks and gave away the old textbooks.  We were happy to bring home some textbook.  I guess since my kids "go" to public school, I can't really call us homeschoolers, but we tend to be more like "afterschoolers", working through some extra educational opportunities when the opportunities arise. 

This is a statue of Vince Carter (NBA basketball player) out in front of Mainland High School in the Daytona Beach area.  It was a huge grand from Vince Carter that allowed the school to be rebuilt into the beautiful structure that it is now.  

I was out at Mainland to give a talk to the first 3 class periods of Health class.  The teacher was having guest speakers come in to talk about their career, and my niece, Mary, asked if I'd be able to come in.  I had a great time interacting with some very enthusiastic freshman and sophomores.  

See, I can be functional on 3 hours sleep.  I'm counting down the time until I graduate from school and get a daytime job so I can fix my insomnia issues.  

I met up with my little sister, Pam, for some pancakes before hitting the road to home. 

While passing through the Lake Mary area, I stopped at the Scholastic Book distribution warehouse.  Every once in a while, it will open to the public and drop the prices to at least half price.  I came home with 22 books for the kids for $60.  It's a whole new world now that everyone is reading chapter books. 

Best part of the kids' last day of school....seeing that everyone has been promoted to the next grade up! 

Goodbye 1st, 3rd and 4th grade.

Bring it on 2nd, 4th and 5th grade. 


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