Monday, April 16, 2012

2 Cameras + 2 Parents with picture-taking "smart" phones = Lots of Random Pictures

We've been making breakfast smoothies for a few months now, and they are such a yummy and quick way to start the day. We noticed that aside from spinach, we tend to put a lot of fruits into our smoothies. I really want a way to add more vegetables to our diet, and let's face it...we are on the go a lot, and chopped carrots, celery and cucumber baggies were getting old. We invested in a juicer and the kids have been enjoying trying some new juices. Some have been hits and some have been flops. It's a quick way to get some veggies in when we are grabbing sandwiches to run out for one of our evening activities.
I'm not quite sure we ever even had "winter" this year. We've been in the pool almost every day since the end of February. The water is just now reaching a warm enough temperature for me to jump in there, too.

Daniel and Kalee at her birthday party. We've been to many active birthday parties this year. Daniel seems to get invited to all of the little girl's parties. It might be because he's such a cutie. I will say that this little girl's party was so fun! Her mom arranged a scavenger hunt through out the playground area and had fake bugs and worms was a blast.
Megan and Pepper sharing a Sabbath nap.

Joshua's pyramid. We're still reading The Story of the World, and the kids all made pyramids the next day while I was at work.
Daniel and I out on a date. We love Costco!
Megan's beautiful nails. Megan has really wanted her nails painted for months. We set a goal for her to do her best on her school work and when report cards come out, we'll celebrate with a "girl's day". I met with Megan's teacher shortly after 2nd trimester report cards and she said Megan's reading has improved 120% and her writing has improved 100%. And she was getting 35%-55% on Math Minute tests and is now up in the 75% -88%. This was cause for celebration!
Megan getting her mini-manicure. So fun!

This was a pictures I sent Keith a few weeks ago. He texted me "where are you?" and this picture was his answer. Duh. The same place I am on every day off at this same the car pick up line with my water and my's really very relaxing.

Daniel at another classmate's birthday party. So fun! He had a blast with the games and the running around. While we always appreciate the effort and expense of a destination birthday (bounce place, roller skating, etc)...there is something about a laid-back, simple party that makes me feel nostalgic.

Daniel being the king of the logs, in his little friend, Olivia's back yard.

Ha! Ha! I took this picture a few months ago. The hospital cafeteria had "holiday hours" and I hadn't even thought about that on the day that I worked. My tiny patients had kept me hopping all morning long and I never made it off the floor for lunch. Finally at about 3pm I was starving and getting cranky, so I forced myself to run down the stairs to the cafeteria only to find that it was locked up. Grrr...I had a vending machine soft drink and some peanut butter crackers for lunch...notice they have no preservatives, though...really? Then how on Earth are they guaranteed fresh by June 2012? Hmmm....

I may have posted this before...this is Megan studying her spelling words. She's a very hands-on learner. These pictures are back from the beginning of the school year...her spelling words are much more difficult, now.

Joshua at a birthday party at his friend Sam's house. Joshua and Sam are both into Mario Kart, reading and playing Chess. I think they might have their own little mini-book club going on...since Joshua's usually commenting on what his friends are reading and asking if I can take him to the book store to get more books. He has completed the Harry Potter series (more on that some other time), the Percy Jackson series and is now working on the 39 Clues series. I think he'll probably gravitate towards the Kingdom Keepers books's a series of books about mysteries that take place at the different Disney parks.

Back to the birthday was so fun! Seriously, these boys know how to burn off some energy!
The best part is, Sam lives in our neighborhood, so we will likely spend some time hanging out this summer.

How's that for a post with absolutely no direction? I felt the need to clean and organize the pictures from my phone before tackling the pictures from the cameras. More updates to come later, but for now, I have cleaning, laundry and homework to get done.

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