Friday, March 30, 2012

Happy Birthday Megan! The Big "8"!

Megan really wanted a birthday party this year. As soon as she suggested it, I was all about having a birthday party. After all, the kids started a new school this year, and I haven't really had an opportunity to spend much time around their new friends. We chose to have the party at a park and got to work on the rest of the fun stuff.

The kids helped me use paper mache to make a pinata. So fun! And if I do say so myself, it came out really cute! I had planned on just using the pinata goodies as the "goodie bag" item, but then I ran across these adorable bubble containers and couldn't help myself. Gosh, I can see how this party-planning thing can be addictive.

I made the Birthday Girl a special shirt for her special day.

I love this picture of Daniel! So cute! Especially because he was the one who told me that we can't have a birthday party without birthday hats!

We played on the awesome play structure for a bit and then had lunch: jam sandwiches (we had a guest with a peanut allergy), turkey wraps, watermelon, grapes, orange slices, chips and bottles of water. Yummy! The kids were all great eaters!

After we ate, it was game time! Our fist game was pin the cherry on the cupcake - which I totally forgot to take pictures of! Then we moved on to the egg and spoon races. My belly hurt from laughing so hard.

There's some serious concentration involved here. And yes, that egg does have a name on it, it's from many, many years ago...we've just used the same eggs every year.

After games and running around, the kids gathered in the gazebo again to work on their bags. I had colored bags for holding the treasures from the pinata and stickers/markers available to decorate the bags. The kids got crafty while the men hung the pinata.

And then the beatings began...

Nope, he's not cheating at all! Somebody needs to pull his mask down!

When Joshua swung at the pinata, Keith raised it up out of reach! Joshua's next swing broke the pinata open.


A busted pinata makes a great hat!

We sang Happy Birthday and then indulged in the yummy cupcakes.

The girls "ooo'd" and "aaahhh'd" over all the gifts, while the boys all ventured off to play.

Then it was time to break out the bubbles!


Megan had a great time and said it was the "best party ever!". I was so happy to see her so happy!

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