Friday, March 30, 2012

Magic Kingdom with the Ketchums

On the first day of Spring Break for the kids, we met up with the Ketchums and went to the Magic Kingdom. The weather was spectacular!
Megan and the horse sharing a moment.

One of our favorite rides is the Buzz Lightyear ride. Daniel and I are ride buddies - it keeps him from getting lost and it keeps me from having to ride anything scary!

Daniel told Buzz all about shooting Zurg.

Daddy and Megan on the People Mover.

The boys getting ready to race cars.

Daniel was given a driver's license from one of the Disney workers.

Daddy slightly traumatized by his driving partner.

There's some serious map-reading going on here.
Megan and Grandpa Ketchum near Cinderella's castle.

Joshua riding the carousel.

Megan on the carousel.

The two goofy youngest waiting to go into Mickey's Philharmagic. Daniel cried through the whole thing, he doesn't like 3D shows.

Joshua hanging around. He loved the Hall of Presidents.

Megan looking at the beautiful mosaic inside Cinderella's castle walkway.

Joshua standing in line for Pirates. He was handing a red electronic ticket and was told to give it to the Disney castmember before he gets on the boat. This is how Disney knows how long people have stood in line for to set the time on the signs.

It was a long, fun, warm day and to head back to the truck, we decided to take the ferry back to the Ticket and Transportation center where we parked.

Still smiling, must have been a great day!

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