Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mom's Memorial Service

My mom's memorial service was on Sunday. It was a nice, small service, just what she would have wanted. These are the gorgeous flowers that our church sent to our house. Don't look too closely at that sink full of dirty dishes in the had been a long, busy week.

While cleaning Mom's house, my sister and I came across Mom's old Salvation Army uniform. She was very active in the Salvation Army as a young person, which set the tone for her to continue to find ways to volunteer in the community no matter where she lived.

Mom's brother, Uncle Butch, sent a lovely arrangement that looked and smelled amazing.

Candy's girls, Amber and Alexis, helping to greet guests to the service.

My oldest niece, Mary, getting ready to play the horn for the service.

The girls playing a musical tribute...they are such mature young ladies.

Kindof blurry, but there's us three girls after the service was over. Candy (40) is the blonde, Pam (29) is in the middle and I'm on the end (36).

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