Thursday, April 19, 2012

Adventurers Investiture 2012

Last Sabbath afternoon was Adventurers Induction. Which means that once again, Adventurers has come to an end for the academic year and the kids have all graduated to the next level.

Megan and one of her BFFs.
This is the second year that I've led out in Daniel's group, the Eager Beavers. I think the stress of Mom being sick, kids having Wednesday night homework, and no longer having a close-friend relationship with one of my co-leaders had really put a strain on my desire to lead-out again next year. I've decided for now to step down and let others lead. But we'll see where my heart is after a month or two of summertime.

Megan's group, the Sunbeams, saying the Pledge to the Christian Flag.

Joshua's group are the Builders.

The kids are really proud of their hard work. They love the trophies that they earned and their performance awards.

It was a fun year!

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